Donna Brown is the head coach at Mindfully Aware

DAB Prior to setting up Mindfully Aware, Donna worked as an Executive in the public sector and before that as a Director within private industry – and it was while suffering with stress and anxiety in that environment that she was introduced to Mindfulness. She now believes that had she known about Mindfulness before then she would not have become ill.

Donna believes that her first hand experience - of the combined mental and physical effects of stress along with the benefits that Mindfulness can bring - puts her in a unique position to help individuals to improve their own lives.

Donna has been practising Mindfulness for herself since 2008. She completed her own Mindfulness course with Bangor University and went on to be trained as a teacher with Breathworks in their approach to: Mindfulness Based Pain Management and Mindfulness for Stress. In addition she trained with Bangor University Centre Mindfulness Research and Practice and Oxford University Mindfulness Centre

To quailify as a mindfulness teacher and a mindfulness Supervsior Donna has been trained in accordance with the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses and adheres to their standards.