Mindfulness is now being used in the workplace by a wide variety of people working at all levels across organistions. Mindfulness can help reduce workplace tensions, improve communications and teamwork (case studies and research).

In 2013 mental health issues accounted for 15.2 million days of sickness in the UK - with stress topping the league of reasons for long-term absence. (Office of National Statistics)

Many organisations are using mindfulness to help their employees to reduce and better deal with stress and consequently reduce sickness levels.

Transport for London, for example, has seen the number of days taken off because of stress, anxiety and depression fall by 71% since introducing employees to mindfulness (see case study).

Studies by the National Institute of Health UK, the University of Massachusetts, and the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard University, have found that practicing mindfulness at work:

Other benefits from individuals who practice mindfulness include improved innovative thinking, better communication skills, and more appropriate reactions to stress. They also say that they are better able to handle conflict at work and experience improved teamwork and team relations. ( staff, n.d.)

Course Formats

Mindfully Aware can adapt the training to suit your organisation's needs. We offer mindfulness workshops eg. as part of wellbeing days, courses, as well as regular practice sessions.