Daily life can become overwhelming especially on the days when it overtakes us and it seems like nothing goes right. Before you realise it, you feel you’re drowning under the weight of negative thoughts that leave you stuck in a stressfully repetitive loop of stress, anxiety and insecurity leading to tension.

Because humans evolved to anticipate and avoid danger, our brains focus, by default, on negative information (perceived threats).

Research shows we absorb a negative comment or experience five times more quickly than a positive one and this bias is reflected in the body’s hormonal systems. The stress hormones connected to negative experiences (cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline) are all fast-acting and have powerful effects on the body.

The equivalent positive hormones (such as oxytocin) lack the same potency and urgency. This is why it is so easy, when stressed, to feel as if things are spiraling out of control.

Here are a few techniques and quotes that might help you to introduce mindfulness into your daily life and help you to step out of your normal ways of thinking thus reducing stress and tension.

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