Group Courses

Mindfully Aware run 8 week courses that are open to the public or can be run for private groups - they are usually for no more than 15 people at any time - this will ensure a supportive group feeling but still allow the instructor sufficient time with each participant to:

Private One-to-One Sessions

A group course is the best way to experience and learn Mindfulness but this doesn't suit everyone - you may have trouble getting out or may feel self-conscious in a group, so if required, one-to-one sessions can be arranged.

Business Courses

Mindfulness is gaining more and more support as a business tool to help alleviate stress. Private courses can be run during lunchtime or straight after work for groups of employees. We can adapt the course for example to run over 4 weeks (instead of 8) in 4 hour sessions every fortnight.


These are run at various times of the year and are one-offs to give a taste of Mindfulness without having to sign-up for a full 8-week course. 

Course Dates